The Arkansas Department of Health confirmed the Boil Water notice issued by Ray Bergan for customers located at the following locations:
Tugwell Rd.
South Kratz Rd.
Roundtree Rd.
Mallet Rd.
The small end of Ridge Rd.
1130 Hwy 222 to Pleasant Hill Loop
This order was issued as a precautionary measure because of the possibility that contaminated water may have entered the distribution system as a result of a loss in normal system pressure.
Under the Boil Water order, all affected customers must be advised that the water may be unsafe for human consumption, and water used for drinking or food preparation must be boiled briskly for (1) minute prior to use.  all ice cubes should be discarded and only boiled water used for making ice.
This precautionary boil water notice will remain in effect until the problem has been corrected and an adequate disinfectant level is established throughout the distribution system, and a bacteriological survey shows that the water is safe to drink.
The boil water order was due to loss of water pressure to the Brown Springs Tank.

OUTAGE NOTICE | 2/18/2021

Customers living along Hwy 51 from Brown Springs Loop to Vanderslice Road will be without water due to a large leak starting today, February 18th through possibly Saturday, February 20th.  If at all possible, catch up water for your home for the duration of the repair.  Our office had hoped to avoid losing service to anyone but the freezing circumstances have caused many conflicts.  Please let neighbors know.

02/17/2021 | WINTER WEATHER

Due to the snow and freezing temperatures, main lines and pumps needed to run those lines are freezing.  Our office is making every possible effort to restore and maintain water to our customers homes.  Thank you for your understanding during this historic cold weather.